112’s Deadly flaw: lack of location data, to be resolved at Kista 112

ELi Technology Kista

On March 29th, 2019 in Sweden , Urban ICT Arena and ELi Technology launched the Kista 112 Development Initiative based upon ELi Technology’s Emergency Mobile Location (EML) system. The Kista 112 Development Initiative  provides the world’s first and only end to end IP development centre to help resolve the global problem of providing accurate location information to emergency responders from calls made to 112 or 911 from mobile devices.

ELi Technology’s EML System is the only mobile location methodology in the world to provide verified civic address location along with GPS coordinates and can provide indoor cellular 112 location.


NBC News – 911 can’t always get accurate locations from cell phones – current status of 9-1-1 mobile location. Click here to watch video