Communication Companies

ISPs and Carriers are a key link in the 9-1-1 / 112 chain as they provide the networks over which emergency communications are transmitted.  With ELi’s Emergency Mobile Location (EML) methodology, ISPs/Carriers continue their important role as channel participants, ensuring their customers have reliable and accurate 9-1-1 / 112 service.

Our EML methodology simply gets installed on the ISPs/Carrier’s edge device and the ISP/Carrier registers the address to the 9-1-1 database. ELi Technology manages the rest. This ensures that an accurate and automatic address from a trusted source is available and provided to 9-1-1 / 112 operators with every mobile call. Our technology also establishes a platform upon which telecommunication service providers can develop and launch new next generation services.

Key Considerations…

  • Costs savings – Expensive, network centric, mobile location methodologies that need to be purchased, installed, and maintained can be removed. Once EML technology is installed and address registered, Eli Technology ensures all emergency mobile calls are processed with accurate location.
  • Ensures ALL customers are protected by 9-1-1 / 112
  • Mitigates any (future) potential 9-1-1 / 112 liability
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Enables favorable competitive positioning of core products and services
  • Enhances service bundled packages.
  • Enhances good corporate citizenship