Emergency Services Network Impacts

ELi Technology’s Mobile Emergency Location platform has the capacity to revolutionize emergency number infrastructure globally. Key industry benefits include:

Resolves #1 challenge

Provides accurate mobile location information (indoor cellular)

All Stakeholders Benefit

ESN Operators, Telecommunication Regulators, Communication Companies, and Emergency Callers

Meets or Exceeds

The ELi Solution meets or exceeds EU, EENA, and NENA goals and objectives

Net Zero Deployment

Eli delivers a strong business case, often featuring net zero deployment costs

Saves Time, Money, and Lives

Significant societal savings, including property, lives and personal injury

Proven Model

The ELi system is based upon the gold-standard of landline location

Future Ready

An adaptable platform which satisfies current and future 9-1-1 / 112 needs

Next Generation Compliant

A clear and manageable pathway to next generation 9-1-1 / 112 services

Global Leadership

ELi Technology is a global solution with multiple layers of opportunity

Improved Outcomes

Increased 9-1-1 / 112 efficacy means improved 9-1-1 / 112 results!