Investor Opportunity

  • Summary: ELi has developed a patented Emergency Mobile Location (EML) methodology which provides the most accurate location for emergency calls placed from a mobile device. The methodology also enables additional location-based services through the Internet of Things.
  • Business Timeline: Launched in March 2017, ELi has continued to advance its proprietary technology.
      • Kista 112 Partnership – ELi Technology with Kista Science City have created the Kista 112 Development Center, the worlds first end to end IP emergency development and demonstration center. The platform is based upon ELi’s system and has been utilized for demonstrations via cloud in three countries.
      • Technical Audit – The Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) completed a comprehensive review of the technology and beta testing.
      • Patent Issued – US Patent issued and Patent Cooperation Treaty application filed for global protection. Two additional patents filed to strengthen and expand intellectual property footprint.
  • Experienced Management Team and Board: ELi’s team includes extensive experience in technology R&D and commercialization, large scale technology implementation, corporate finance and strategic planning and execution for high growth companies. The team is supported by an equally accomplished Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  • Growth Potential: There are currently over 7 billion mobile telephone subscriptions globally. This number will exceed 9 billion by 2020. This represents a current addressable market of $4.2B annually.

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