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Summary: ELi Technology, a Canadian Company, has developed patented methodology which provides the most accurate mobile location for emergency calls.  ELi’s Emergency Mobile Location (EML) system provides verified, dispatchable civic addresses plus latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, ensuring accurate and automatic emergency call location for mobile devices, including rural, urban and indoor!

Management: The Founder, Peter Woodford, has been immersed in the emergency number industry for over a decade. Peter sits on various committees at the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and regularly engages with regulators and emergency call system operators across North America and Europe.

ELi’s team includes extensive experience in technology, R&D and commercialization, large scale technology implementation, corporate finance, strategic planning and execution for high growth companies.

Market Need: Emergency mobile location is the industry’s biggest challenges. Tens of thousands of lives are lost each year because the emergency responders could not locate the caller in time. Current emergency calling location services do not provide verifiable location automatically for mobile callers – which impedes efficiency and effective emergency service dispatching.

ELi’s Emergency Mobile Location (EML) Methodology: ELi’s patented EML methodology provides real-time, dispatchable location, including indoor location, for mobile-based emergency calls.