Regulating an industry in transition

Most regulatory bodies, including EU and EU Member Countries, have been trying to resolve the mobile emergency location issue for many years. Current EU mandates call for “all electronic communications providers to provide emergency calls access with location”. With over 7 billion mobile devices capable of dialing an emergency number, this represents the industry’s biggest challenge.

Regulators strongly desire a better, more efficient emergency number operation. As part of the key stakeholder group they enable regulations to ensure emergency call handling procedures, protocols and accuracy.

To date, all methodologies utilize signal strength measurements and calculations to determine an estimated location with NO indoor cellular location. Often these methods are expensive and or rife with technical challenges. Eli Technology represents a methodology that is effective (2 sources of base location data, one of which provide a verified dispatchable address – including indoor cellular) that is cost effective for ESN Operators and no charge for mobile operators.

Adoption of Eli’s Emergency Mobile Location methodology will be a welcomed improvement to the industry and adoption by mobile operators will enable Telecom Regulators to achieve their goals. The outcome is an effective, efficient and manageable methodology benefiting all stakeholders. Our methodology also provides a framework upon which Next Generation services can be deployed in a managed, controlled and regulated fashion.