Landline accuracy for mobile devices is now possible.

The 9-1-1 / 112 Problem

Most emergency calls now originate from mobile devices. Establishing an accurate device location is a global industry challenge.

ESN Impacts

The infrastructure supporting current ESN systems is 40-year-old technology which cannot adapt to today’s mobile realities.

Video Exposes 9-1-1 Reality

Emergency dispatchers are not always able to locate people who call from cell phones. Watch Video.

  • Global mobile phone usage (in billions)

The Growth of Mobile

“Planet Earth has hit a notable technological milestone, with five billion people globally — or two-thirds of the world’s population — now laying claim to a mobile phone connection.”

Source: GSMA Intelligence

“It is estimated that 80 percent of 9-1-1 calls are now placed from wireless devices, and that percentage is growing every year as landline use declines.”

Source: Federal Communications Commission, USA

“Over 7 billion mobile devices can now call an emergency number.”